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Preqin provides financial data and information on the alternative assets market, as well as tools to support investment in alternatives. Its data encompasses private capital and hedge funds, including fund, fund manager, investor and deal information, as well as market-wide benchmarks. And they have been active for more than a decade. Which meant they also head more than a decade old database where most of them were actively requested by their clients.

The Problem

Preqin had a huge wide range of clients available through the globe. What makes their product special is, their reports, analysis and market researches can be customised within customer's requirement or demands. So they had a huge team which they were only responsible to create a customised dashboard for their clients. But the problem was the system was a decade old and definitely felt like a decade old too.


What we've come up was a modular solution for the transformation process. Every graphic had their visualisation, toggles and variables. So what we've done firstly create a skeleton and come up with the design the fixed parts of the website (Sidebar, Navbar, footer, visual containers, typography) Following that we've created a design reference sheets for the majority of the graphics and their uses. There fore, developers did refer them for restyling the existing old dashboard and applied it the active dashboard in no time without any hiccups.

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