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Dynamo (now acquired) is a very clever start-up an idea where it acts as a customised personal mortgage broker. The reasoning for this idea here in the UK, remortgaging is a hassle. You have to find a proper mortgage broker, invest time in them, share your every single personal detail over a month, wait for another month to receive a remortgaging product offer. And if you don't like the offer, you probably going through the same steps all over again because new products need new personal details to be processed. This is were Dynamo comes in play. Dynamo acts as your free personal broker where you can store your details which is processed by actual mortgage brokers and you'd receive an offers that are going to be listed on your user panel.

Turning Boring into Fun

Even though it sounds fun, when I was interviewing people for their previous remortgaging process all the faces went sour. It was obvious that 'remortgaging' was a hassle for people and no one liked it. It was a great challenge (and an opportunity) to move forward on such a disliked process. The first step was to eliminate the Grinch within the product. The branding was playing a great factor in this process. Intentionally it was created jolly and lovable. But when I looked on the actual needs provided from users, it was not that much lovable -as because of the nature of the remortgaging process. Dynamo wasn't a tool that offers products. It was just a bridge eliminating the annoyance through the process. Like "Find my phone" apps.

Understanding what actually users want

Our target userbase wanted a simple solution where THEY were in control of the process. And 'not surprisingly' they all wanted to have control of the possible offers they'd going to receive. The data needed to be collected from users weren't as as a standard sign up form. It had loads of questionnaires to cover every possible question needed to be asked to users. The reasoning behind this none of the users liked answering questions part by part. They'd just wanted to get it done. After categorising the questioners, we've categorised the questions them and implemented a "Save&Exit" function where users would just save and quit the process and come back to it whenever they'd wanted. After the MVP release product got acquired by another remortgaging broker. They're implementing Dynamo to their system.

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