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Connected Experience

Connect EV is a smart remote control and status report application for Nissan Leaf - Smart Electric Vehicle series. Its main purpose is to keep access to your car's features even when you're not in it.

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Smart but too smart

When our team onboarded on the project, there was already an application for such task but it was barely usable and there it was aggregating data that didn't quite made sense to users (even us). For the first step of this issue, we had to understand what did customers expecting from the application and why they were in such need.

Synthesizing the case

User interviews granted us great insight into the actual needs of users. The current application was way over the needs. That's why users couldn't use it. It was both too technical hard to use. So we've started to dissect the application features one by one and by the help of the technology department, we've started to stitch together the features. Luckily most of our ideas were feasible to implement on to.

Refactoring the technology

There were nearly a dozen features that weren't going to be implemented as users never bothered with them. But as they also had other needs we could able to just rethink the existing feature to cover user requirement. For example, most of the feedback we got was users weren't interested in previous trip distances. But they were also quite intrigued by driving suggestions. So we've just reused the previous avg speed tracking as a point-based slightly gamified driving scoring system.



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