Design Thinking Turkey (OpenIDEO Istanbul Chapter)

Non Governmental Organization / Education Group

Design is a tool to make humans life better. So we did a reachable and buzzword free design courses for humans.

Design Thinking Turkey is a platform which aims to “learn” more. Even though we were already working as professional designers, we know that there’s no limit to the knowledge. So basically we created a platform where people can attend, contribute and learn more with us. We initiated the platform with two of my friends. We never sought any profit from this platform but to learn more, share our experiences.

Role: Organizer, Speaker, Faciliator
Collaborated With: Sinan Ozdemir, Naz Binyildirim, Gorkem Cetinkaya, Berkan Sahan

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Design Thinking TurkeyNon Govermental Organization

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Korhan Eser - UI Designer 

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