Smart Remortgage Tool

Dynamo (Aquired)

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Remortgaging is a hassle. You have to find a broker, talk for months with it, wait for offers (probably for months) and if you don’t like those, you need to start all over again. Dynamo (currently sold to another company) is built from scratch to solve this issue. The service is focused on gamifying the extensive process of data collection consists, personal information, previous mortgage deals, financial history within the UK and future business plans. The process has been divided into four categories, where you can save and continue later. After all those information collected, the results are sent to the in-house brokers. As for the legal processes, the applications have to run through a governmental check, so there was no way to automative this step. After the confirmation, the client is called by phone (fastest way to reach them as for the research results) and then the suitable options are offered.

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