Connect EV

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Leaf, Nissan’s flagship EV car is equipped more than 200 sensors where they collect live information through the car and nearly half of them are pretty crucial for end users. The beautiful part is, these sensors could be shared easily through your smart devices or to cloud. An alpha version of the app been built to view and monitor all the sensors available through the car. And the plan was to release it to public. After collecting the feedback from the users, the collected data from car translated into meaningful visualisations. Driving data has been translated into traffic rules and gamified into a fun way where encourages drives to drive safely -it was a huge problem in the target region. The technical data that are meaningless for the users are collected within the user account and could be stored to Nissan cloud servers. This also enabled another useful selling point for the product - which is users could easily get in touch with Nissan Dealers/Services to set up a repair/maintenance and also dealers can check whether if it’s time for a check-up or if there’s any faulty going on with the user’s car.